5 Tips To Make The Most of Neighborhood Marketing

Neighborhood marketing is a very powerful tool for local businesses. If done correctly it can show potential customers that you are committed to serving their community. This creates an affinity that produces loyal customers and powerful “over-the-fence” referrals. Below are 5 tips to help you make the most of your neighborhood advertising.

1. Exclusive Neighborhood Specials

Neighborhood specials show you value the community. To be effective, your special needs to have a meaningful value and be truly exclusive. When people see you are offering something special only to their neighborhood it has a value that builds good will beyond the sale. A special that is not truly valuable and widely available can have the opposite effect if the residents feel you are simply trying to exploit a neighborhood affiliation.

2. References From Residents

If you have a happy customer who resides in a neighborhood you are trying to target ask if you can include their reference in your neighborhood focused marketing materials. If executed correctly, this can be very powerful.

3. Site Specific Neighborhood Connections

Let your neighbors know if you live in a target neighborhood or if you have served the neighborhood for many years. Line such as “Proudly serving the Example Neighborhood for over 10 years” can be very effective.

4. Neighborhood Events

There are two ways to associate your business with neighborhood events. First is to sponsor a community event and have your logo displayed or, even better, your service included at the event. The second method is to put together you own event. This option can be very time consuming and only a good option for certain businesses.

5. Neighbor Profile

If you perform a specific service within a neighborhood, such as a Realtor or a landscaper, create a profile of the customer and the work you performed. This takes tip #2 to the next level. Profiles do not have to be long or complicated. A few photos and some text should do it.

Porchlink Media has focused on neighborhoods for over 20 years and we are here to help. Let us know if you have any questions or would like specific advice on executing any of the above tips.