You get unrivaled local market access. Only neighborhood newsletters bundle disparate groups of households into a micro-targeted affinity group.
We are the only neighborhood newsletter company that delivers your message in a professionally designed, color newsletter to multiple neighborhoods within your target area. In addition, you get to leverage our over 20 years of local marketing experience to meet your marketing objectives and deliver your message.
Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! Unless you are adverting a one-time event or a seasonal promotion, we recommend at least a year. This sounds self-serving, but the large majority of advertisers who run a try-it-and-see campaign end up wasting their money. This does not help you and it does not help us.

If your budget does not allow for a long-term commitment, we recommend exploring alternative forms of advertising. Let us know and we will be glad to offer some strategies. We would rather see your business succeed than take your money.

See the above question. Longer is better than larger. Pick an ad size that fits comfortably in your long-term budget and allows you to reach your market.

Don’t forget about our classified ads. Depending on your industry and desired reach, this may be a great option. We have many successful long-term classified advertisers.

This is a difficult question to answer. I know it sounds like a cop-out, but so many factors contribute to results. However, we do promise to work with you to make the best use of your investment.

Another difficult question and one that even Madison Avenue hasn’t figured out. But just because it is difficult, does not mean we shouldn’t try. There are different ways of tracking in different industries, some are more effective than other, some cost money and others are free.

When you make a long-term commitment to us, we make a commitment to help you track your results and make adjustments when things are not working as expected.

Internet and social media advertising are an important marketing component for most small businesses. Studies show that these are very effective mediums for people who are ready to buy and are familiar with your brand. Unknown brands tend to drowned in a sea of unrelenting digital stimulus.

You can get close to 90% of the benefit of online exposure online for free and you should definitely take advantage of that. However, as a small business selling to a local market, you absolutely need to include additional marketing channels.

Coupons can be effective for special promotions or to reduce an overstock of inventory. But recent studies have shown that coupons do not lead to repeat customers. A better alternative would be to offer discounts on repeat purchases.

Coupon mailers can be successful at increasing short-term sales (if not profit margins), but they tend to attract a disloyal, price-seeking consumer. Check out Groupon’s stock performance since its IPO to get an idea of the long-term benefits of discount advertising.

Great question. 99% of our marketing is done through our newsletter. Like you, we do not have an army of cold-calling sales reps. Our newsletters are sent to households in great neighborhoods. These neighborhoods include small business owners and consumers of small business services and products who often hand off our newsletters saying “you should advertise here.” If it works well for a company that sells to businesses, imagine how well it could work for you.

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