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Frequently Asked Questions About Publishing Your Community’s Newsletter With Porchlink Media


Why should My hoa Publish a newsletter?

Community newsletters are a great way to create a stronger sense of community. A monthly newsletter helps residents feel a stronger connection to their neighborhood and promotes more community involvement. This leads to lower crime rates, higher property values and a general higher standard of living.

Why should I publish with Porchlink Media?

We make the publishing process a quick and easy as possible. With 20 years of experience, we have perfected the production process. We have a simple online content submission process, professional design and typesetting and in-house printing facility.

Do you publish online newsletters?

We include a web-ready version of your newsletter that you can include on your web site. We generally don’t do online only. We have found that readership rates are up to 5x higher with a physical copy and the newsletter are retained for close to a month. We firmly believe the power of delivering a physical copy of your newsletter easily outweighs the cost advantages of an e-newsletter. We are passionate about creating a stronger community and want to work with HOAs and property managers that share our goal.

How much would a newsletter cost my community?

This can vary depending on your community. In most cases, you only pay for postage. We cover the design, print production and delivery to the post office.