Neighborhood Newsletters

 Essential Communication

Your community’s newsletter is the best way to get information to residents. Our research has shown that newsletters delivered to a resident’s door is over 10 times more likely to be read than electronic communication. From a notice of a new social club to a critical bylaw update, Porchlink Media will deliver that information each month in an organized and accurate newsletter in a format that residents will want to read.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that information is not always known weeks in advance and we strive to produce your newsletter rapidly. In most cases we can have a newsletter at the post office in under 10 business days after you submit your content. That includes typesetting, one day for your review and printing. In special circumstances we can often shorten this to under 5 business days.

Painless Production

You send us the content, we typeset and design, we send you a draft for your review. That’s it.

Your Newsletter, Your Content

It is your community’s newsletter and you should decide what goes into it. However, if you ever need additional content, we know our regions very well and are always happy to add local information. Newsletters supported by advertising are never more than half of the total newsletter content.

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